New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa

Petition of Stuart Bramhall: Require Reserve Bank of New Zealand to Issue All New Zealand Money

Published date: 12 Mahu 2019

Petition request

That the House of Representatives inquire into giving the Reserve Bank of New Zealand the sole ability to issue all New Zealand money, whether notes, coins, or electronic.

Petition reason

Private banks create 98% of our money. They pump too much money into housing, creating huge profits for themselves but skyrocketing house prices, inequality, and poverty for ordinary kiwis.  NZ successfully used Reserve Bank credit in 1936 to build thousands of state houses and we can do it again.

Number of Signatures: 765
Petition number: 2017/223
Date presented: 12 Sep 2019
Referred to: Finance and Expenditure Committee
Closing date: 01 Aug 2019