Statutes Repeal Bill

22 September 2016


Media release – Select Committee Office

Statutes Repeal Bill

The Government Administration Committee is seeking submissions on the Statutes Repeal Bill. The closing date for submissions is Thursday 3 November 2016.

The bill repeals or partially repeals 132 Acts that are no longer needed because they no longer have any actual effect, have very limited effect, or are designed to achieve regulatory outcomes that are no longer relevant.

The bill is part of the response to the Productivity Commission report on Regulatory Institutions and Practices released in July 2014. A copy of the report can be found here

The bill will reduce the total number of Acts in force in New Zealand by 124. It is intended to be a timely and cost-effective way of collectively repealing unnecessary Acts that would otherwise remain on the statute book indefinitely.

Submissions should be forwarded by the due date, either online using our website ( or in writing to the address below. If a submitter wishes to appear before the committee, they need to state this clearly and provide a name, daytime phone number and email address. Submissions generally become public and are published on our website. For further guidance on making a submission, read our publication Making a submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee on our website or contact us at (04 817 9520).


Address for correspondence: Government Administration Committee, Parliament Buildings, WELLINGTON 6160.