Repairs to pipes and roads in Christchurch

In May of this year, the Auditor-General reported to Parliament on the effectiveness and efficiency of arrangements to repair pipes and roads in Christchurch. The report was referred to the Finance and Expenditure Committee.

Repairing a Broken Pipe Enlarge image

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It’s a follow-up to an earlier report from the Auditor-General on the same topic which the committee considered in 2013/14. It deals with the progress since then of repairs being made in Christchurch, to the city’s “horizontal infrastructure”— the pipes, roads, retaining walls and bridges. The Auditor-General’s office came to a committee meeting in June to talk to members about the report, and members were able to ask the auditors questions about how this work is being handled.

The auditors reported that SCIRT (the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) has made solid progress. By April this year, 87 percent of the repairs to pipes and roads were complete. SCIRT has also acted on the Auditor-General’s earlier recommendations for improving its oversight of the repairs.

The committee has now made a report to the House about its views on the matters the Auditor-General’s report covers.