New Zealanders present their views on medically-assisted dying

Parliament’s Health Committee is hearing from people who made written submissions on the Maryan Street petition, also referred to as the medically-assisted dying, or euthanasia petition

Submission process

Submissions on the petition of Hon Maryan Street and 8,974 others to allow medically-assisted dying in the event of terminal illness or unbearable suffering closed on 1 February 2016.The public hearings, where the committee hears from submitters in person, is the next stage of the process. 

People who said they wanted to talk to the committee in person on their written submission will be contacted by Parliament’s select committee staff. However, if you indicated on your written submission that you would like to speak to the committee but have since changed your mind, please contact the Health committee staff. 

Public hearings

The committee have begun to hear from submitters who indicated that they would like to speak to the committee. The first hearing was held on Wednesday 24th August at Parliament in Wellington. The committee heard from:

The media often gives coverage to what the submitter's say on the day. However, you can read the earlier written submissions of the people who spoke to the committee:

All hearings are open to the public.

Committee travel

The committee has decided to hold public hearings around the country for those people from outside of the Wellington region who wish to be heard. The committee has not yet confirmed the dates, times or locations of these hearings but all information will be made available on the website once the committee has confirmed their plans.

Future Health Committee meetings

You can find out when the committee is hearing submissions on the petition by looking at the select committee meeting schedule. The schedule shows the business items being considered at each meeting. The parts of the meeting that are open to the public are indicated with an asterisk.

For more information

Please contact the clerk of committee -