Use of social media in Parliament explored

Should members of Parliament (MPs) be allowed to post what the Speaker says in the House of Representatives? Is taking a selfie while the House sits appropriate?

These are some of the questions about MPs using social media in Parliament that are explored in a recent report by Parliament’s Privileges Committee.

Benefits of social media in Parliament

Social media potentially has many benefits for Parliament in terms of making information more transparent and accessible to the public, the report said.

Already social media allows people to access parliamentary information. Over 10,000 people follow Parliament’s Twitter account. And 105 of 121 MPs use Twitter to talk with people about their work.

The potential issue

But MPs should be careful about how they use social media while the House is sitting, the committee said. A concern in the report was the level of protection offered to MPs under parliamentary privilege regarding their use of social media.

Catch up on Parliament’s social media debate

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