New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa

Supporting the Speaker

Deputy and Assistant Speakers

The Speaker is supported by Deputy Speaker, Hon Chester Borrows (National) and Assistant Speakers, Lindsay Tisch (National) and Hon Trevor Mallard (Labour).  

Assistant Speaker Lindsay Tisch, Speaker of the House the Hon David Carter, Deputy Speaker Hon Chester Borrows and Assistant Speaker Hon Trevor Mallard. Enlarge image

Left to right: Lindsay Tisch, Rt Hon David Carter, Hon Chester Borrows, Hon Trevor Mallard

Source: Office of the Clerk, 2015

At meetings of the House of Representatives (sittings of the House), the Speaker is generally in the Chair at the opening of the sitting and during Question Time.  The remaining time in the Chair is shared with the Deputy Speaker and the Assistant Speakers.

The Deputy Speaker and the Assistant Speakers do participate in debates in the House, though less frequently than other members. It is a matter for their judgment as to which debates to take part in.  It is the practice for a presiding officer not to speak in a debate over which that officer has been officiating.


Clerk of the House

The Clerk advises the Speaker and members on the rules, practices and customs of the House.  When the House sits, the Clerk is seated immediately in front of the Speaker, noting the proceedings, calling the business items and the votes, and advising the Speaker and members as required.


Office of the Speaker

The Speaker is assisted by the staff of the Office of the Speaker:

Staff name Role
Lisa Kinloch  Senior Private Secretary
Roland Todd Speaker's Assistant
Oliver Whitehead Executive Assistant

The contact number for the Office is +64 4 817 9321.