Eye on the Hive programme

This programme, developed in collaboration with Capital E, has a focus on the role of the media in Parliament. It is designed to give students an understanding of how the media and Parliament interact and how the public can find out what is happening in Parliament on a daily basis. They will also gain experience in television production as part of the Capital E experience.

About the Eye on Hive programme

This programme is presented in two parts:

The programme starts with a 90 minutes visit to Parliament. Following a brief introduction students explore how news stories are gathered and communicated. Students visit some key venues in the buildings where the media are regularly present including the debating chamber, a select committee room, the Theatrette and Parliament House Foyer.

A second session is then booked with Capital E to make a fun and imaginative ‘Eye on the Hive’ news show and experience first-hand the many ways the media keep people informed about the decisions made in Parliament by taking on the roles of reporters and MPs. They will have the opportunity to produce a television news show and learn various aspects of television production.

Group size

The programme is designed for 32 students with a maximum group size of 42 including adults. Larger groups can be accommodated by arranging multiple tours with a minimum of ½ hour between each group (they cannot run consecutively). Standard adult to student ratios apply.

Preparing for the programme
Information about the work of Parliament will be briefly covered at the beginning of the programme however students will benefit from having some understanding of the work of Parliament before the visit. Online teaching resources are available to help with this or you can request hardcopy resources through Education Services. Resources

Planning and booking your visit

Bookings are essential.  Contact Education Services (F: +64 4 472 8206 or T: +64 4 817 9565) as early as possible once you have a visit in mind so we can help with planning your visit and find the best dates for your group.

To request a booking, download the booking form from the ‘Related content 'area below, complete the fields, and fax or email the form to us. Please ensure that you indicate the name of the programme you wish to book. We’ll contact you as soon as we can to confirm if your choice of time is available or discuss other options.

We also provide a risk assessment management (RAMs) form and an Education Services Visit Guideline to support your visit.