Public servants and special interest groups

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Programmes for public servants

Public servants whose work comes in direct contact with parliamentary processes will find these public service programmes helpful. For example, public servants involved in policy work and parliamentary questions might attend. Seminars can be provided at Parliament House or in-house at the workplace.

Examples of seminars for public servants

Introduction to Parliament: This programme provides an introduction to the functions and processes of the House.
Introduction to select committees: Learn about what select committees do and how they work.
Advising select committees: This programme is designed for public service advisers on legislation.

For more information about the education programmes we provide for public servants, contact Office of the Clerk.

Programmes for special interest groups

We provide seminars for groups of people with a particular need to learn about parliamentary processes, like tertiary students, news media, businesses in regular contact with the House and select committees, and non-government organisations.

Talk to us to discuss a programme that meets your needs - contact the Office of the Clerk.