Subantarctic Islands Marine Reserves Bill 2011 (2013 No 310-2)

Published date: 25 Sep 2013

Digest No. 2097

Date of Introduction: 7 July 2011
Portfolio: Conservation
Select Committee: Local Government and Environment
Date report presented: 4 June 2013
Published: 25 September 2013by John McSoriley BA LL.B, BarristerLegislative AnalystP: (04) 817-9626 (Ext. 9626) Caution: This Digest was prepared to assist consideration of the Bill by members of Parliament. It has no official status.Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, it should not be taken as a complete or authoritative guide to the Bill. Other sources should be consulted to determine the subsequent official status of the Bill.


The Subantarctic Islands Marine Reserves Bill seeks to create three new marine reserves:

  • Moutere Mahue/Antipodes Island (860km south-east of New Zealand);

  • Moutere Hauriri/Bounty Islands (700km east-south-east of New Zealand);

  • Moutere Ihupuku/Campbell Island (700km south of New Zealand).

The Bill as introduced also provides for a review of the Moutere Ihupuku/Campbell Island Marine Reserve five years after the commencement of the Act to consider protecting the remainder of the Campbell Island /Motu Ihupuku territorial sea by including it in the marine reserve.

The bill as introduced also allows commanding officers of the New Zealand Defence Force to act as rangers under the Marine Reserves Act 1971.

The Bill as introduced is described in Bills Digest No 1898.

Main changes

Moutere Ihupuku/Campbell Island Marine Reserve

The bar-2 Bill provides for the reduction to three years the time after commencement of the Act that a review of the reserve must begin and it must be completed no later than five years after commencement of the Act. The review report is to be provided to the Minister of Conservation. The review must consider whether certain specified additional area should be included in the reserve taking into account the value of the additional area to a deepwater crab fishery and the impact of that fishery in the additional area on the marine environment and ecosystems. The Ministers of Conservation and of Primary Industries must consult each other about the reviewer’s report and, no later than 90 working days after receiving the report from the Minister of Conservation, the Minister of Primary Industries must provide to the Minister of Conservation his or her response to the report. The bar-2 Bill also brings forward bringing the date that might be appointed by Order in Council to add the additional area to the marine reserve to no later than the sixth (instead of seventh) anniversary date (amending Clause 8).

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