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What does the Regulations Review Committee do?

Published date: 17 Oct 2017
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Did you know that most of the legislation created each year is not made directly by Parliament? This is because Parliament can delegate its law-making power to other persons or bodies by authorising the making of delegated legislation usually known as “regulations” (Acts of Parliament (or statutes) are known as primary legislation).   Regulations are usually developed by the government department responsible for administering the Act of Parliament that delegates the power to make the regulations.

The Regulations Review Committee acts on the Parliament’s behalf to ensure that the delegated law-making powers are being used appropriately. It examines all regulations, investigates complaints about regulations, and examines proposed regulation-making powers in bills for consistency with good legislative practice. The committee reports to the House and other committees on any issues it identifies. The House can “disallow” a regulation, meaning it no longer has force.

Anyone can make a complaint to the Regulations Review Committee about the operation of a regulation. Before doing so you should make sure you understand the basis for a valid complaint about a regulation.