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What does the Standing Orders Committee do?

Published date: 17 Oct 2017
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Standing Orders 2017

Source: Office of the Clerk

The Standing Orders Committee conducts a regular review of the rules of the House known as Standing Orders and the procedures and practices of the House.  The committee recommends to the House proposals for amendments, revocation or addition of Standing Orders or the alteration of procedures or practices. The committee also considers and reports on any matter referred to it by the House or under the Standing Orders.

The Standing Orders Committee is set up at the start of each term of Parliament. The committee’s membership usually includes representation from each parliamentary party, and is almost always chaired by the Speaker.

The review of Standing Orders by the Standing Orders Committee is a wide-ranging examination of how the House and its committees operate. The review usually takes place in the second half of a parliamentary term, with a view to the committee’s recommended changes to procedure taking effect following the dissolution of Parliament.  The committee generally asks for public submissions on the review, and this is an opportunity for members and the public to have a say on virtually any aspect of parliamentary practice.