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Today in the House (Video)

14 May 2020: The Speaker of the House, the Rt Hon Trevor Mallard, talks about what's happening in the House today. (Closed captions are available.)

14 May 2020: From the Speaker's Office, what is happening today in the House. Source: Office of the Clerk. [Video duration: 2 min 20 sec]


It's Thursday, 14 and today is Budget Day. It's a really interesting day in the Parliamentary life and this is going to be a Budget like no other. The Parliament will look different, because only half the MPs will actually be in there. There will be a big group up in the gallery watching and then others watching from caucus rooms. We'll start off with Supplementary Estimates being tabled, that's just the spending for this year that's not properly accounted for. Then, Hon Grant Robertson will deliver the Budget for the 2020/21 financial year. He'll make a speech that takes about 40 minutes, probably and then it will be followed by the Leader of the Opposition, the Prime Minister and other specified party leaders, all of whom will have 20 minutes. David Seymour will have 10 minutes and then its likely that debate will be adjourned for the introduction and the passing of some bills. The Leader of the House has told us that there are going to be six bills all together, three of them are going to go through all stages under Urgency, including the Remuneration Authority Bill which cuts the pay of the cabinet and some others, including me actually, and then we'll go on to the introduction of bills to be sent to select committees. There will be three of those. They apparently are going to be all referred to select committees for a shortened period, so there will be the first reading debates on those and then debates on the motions to refer them off. Now, it's really hard to tell how long Parliament is likely to take on this. It is very much up to how controversial the bills are and the Opposition's view on them. The guesses are Parliament could run until lunchtime on Friday or right through to Saturday evening, depending on the controversial nature of the bills. So we'll be back again, not next week, but the week after.