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What does the Officers of Parliament Committee do?

Published date: 17 Oct 2017
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Speaker's office

Source: Office of the Clerk

The main functions of the Officers of Parliament Committee are to recommend appointments of officers of Parliament when vacancies arise and to consider funding levels for the officers. The committee is chaired by the Speaker.

The current officers of Parliament are the Ombudsmen, the Controller and Auditor-General, and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Officers of Parliament carry out important work for the public on behalf of the House.  They typically have watchdog powers and functions in respect of the Government and report on their activities to the House of Representatives. These functions and powers are prescribed in law. To carry out this work, an Officer of Parliament must be impartial and have the confidence of the whole House and the public.

The Officers of Parliament Committee:

  • approves and recommends the budgets for the Offices of Parliament (the Controller and Auditor-General, the Office of the Ombudsman, and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment),
  • appoints auditors for the Offices of Parliament,
  • considers proposals for the creation of an Officer of Parliament,
  • recommends the appointment of Officers of Parliament, and
  • develops or reviews codes of conduct for them.

The committee acts as the main parliamentary contact for the Officers of Parliament in their relations with the House.