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Parliamentary Bulletin

Published date: 28 Nov 2017

The Parliamentary Bulletin was published at the end of each sitting week from 1986 to August 2017. It contained information about Parliament's work from that week and any prior non-sitting weeks. The Parliamentary Bulletin included the Journal, the weekly progress of legislation, information about select committees, the business statement outlining bills for debate in the next sitting week, etc.

Content contained in the Parliamentary Bulletin is available on the Parliament website:


Weekly Journal

The final version of each Weekly Journal is published as a PDF.  The PDF includes the Schedule to the Journals, which contains a list of petitions, papers, and select committee reports presented, and documents tabled by leave.

The PDF is accessed via a link at the bottom of the page of the relevant Weekly Journal.


Progress of legislation

The Progress of legislation document is a table which shows the progress of legislation through the House during the term of the Parliament. 


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Source: Office of the Clerk


Additional information

Link to

Refine your results by:

Bills before Select Committees

Filter by Parliament, document type, and date. 

Further Business before Select Committees

Use filters, including de-selecting all four bill types in the document type filter. 

Membership of select committees

Select a specific committee, then scroll down and select the tab “Committee members”.

Select Committee reports (I papers) and compendia

Reports - Filter by date range.

Compendia - Open the latest Weekly Journal, go to related links at the bottom and choose the PDF version, which includes a Schedule.

Determinations of the Business Committee

See the determinations tab on the Business Committee homepage

Business Statement

 The business statement is an informal indication of the business the Government intends to place before the House. 

Bills introduced

Any bills introduced on a sitting day are listed in the Daily Progress in the House.

Proposed members’ bills

Members' bills are bills introduced by members who are not Ministers. 

Bills before the House and assented to

Bills can be sorted using the filter on the left-hand side to search by date, Parliament, bill type, stage, or select committee.

Bills currently before the House can be viewed using the “Current Bills” tab at the top of the list of bills.

Bills assented to can be viewed by selecting “Royal Assent” under the “Current Stage” filter. 

Supplementary Order Papers released


Supplementary Order Papers (SOPs) set out proposed amendments to a bill. 

Schedule of divided bills

The schedule of divided bills shows how some bills have been divided, and gives the title for each new bill created in this way.

Citizens initiated referenda

 Start a petition to ask for a nationwide referendum, known as a ‘citizens initiated referendum’.

Legislation Direct Subscription form

This external site contains a list of Bills, SOPs, Acts and Regulations produced during the previous months, available to purchase in hard copy or PDF/electronic form.

How a bill becomes law” information sheet 

Infographic describing the legislative stages for a bill to become law.  Scroll to the related content to download the PDF diagram.