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About Inter-Parliamentary Relations

The New Zealand Parliament is an active and well respected member of the international parliamentary community. Parliamentary relations activities help to keep our parliament relevant, effective and innovative.  These activities include a programme of inward and outward inter-parliamentary visits, membership of inter-parliamentary organisations, participation in Parliamentary Friendship Groups, and contributing to parliamentary conferences, workshops and study programmes.

Dialogue between members of parliaments increases mutual understanding between countries, develops best parliamentary practice, and ensures New Zealand is playing an active part in the international parliamentary community. Members’ active participation in inter-parliamentary organisations improves their knowledge and insights as legislators, which in turn improves parliamentary scrutiny of government.

Parliamentary Relations also includes technical assistance, parliamentary strengthening and capacity building activities with other parliaments, particularly in the Pacific region.



Inter-Parliamentary Relations Strategy 2015–2019

Global Connections, a Better Parliament, The New Zealand Parliament’s Inter-Parliamentary Relations Strategy was developed and finalised following extensive consultation with Members of Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

It establishes a clear vision for our Parliament’s inter-parliamentary relations, stating where we want to be in five years’ time. It sets out five strategic directions to achieve that vision, each with its own key objectives that will be measured and reported against by the Office of the Clerk.

It is available to download as a PDF using the link below.