New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa

Procedural Guides

This page provides pdf versions of the parliamentary procedural guides listed.

  • How to make a submission
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    24 April 2018
    If you have something to say about a bill or other item before a select committee, you may be able to make a submission about it. Select committees ask for your opinion by ‘calling for submissions’.
  • Introducing Private and Local Bills
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    18 December 2017
    This booklet is designed to help promoters of a local bill or a private bill. It sets out how to prepare a local or private bill, and the procedures that must be followed before the bill is accepted for introduction into the House.
  • Complaining about regulations: what you need to know
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    05 December 2017
    Regulations are legal rules made under authority delegated from Parliament. Regulations can also be referred to as delegated legislation. If you are concerned about the operation of a regulation, you can complain to the Regulations Review Committee, a specialist committee of Parliament that examines regulations.
  • Petitioning the House of Representatives
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    26 September 2014
    This booklet is designed to assist those who are preparing a petition for presentation to the House of Representatives.
  • Working with select committees
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    24 May 2010
    In producing this guidebook, our aim is to promote effective working relationships among select committee members, committee staff, and public sector officials required to work with select committees.
  • Natural justice before select committees
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    18 May 2010
    The Standing Orders of the House of Representatives (rules for parliamentary procedure) place responsibilities on select committees to observe the principles of natural justice.
  • Officials and select committees - guidelines
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    04 May 2009
    These guidelines, published by the State Service Commission, provide guidance for public servants about their relationships with select committees. Public servants attending a select committee as a witness or an adviser will find these guidelines helpful.