Title Date
Who we are

The Office of the Clerk is the House of Representatives’ secretariat. We help the Clerk of the House to provide the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives with specialist parliamentary procedure and legal advice, and professional and administrative services.

01 September 2016
What we do

The Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives exists to establish and maintain the definitive record of Parliament’s decisions; to assist the House to develop and maintain its rules of procedure, and to advocate for the effectiveness of Parliament as a democratic institution.

21 January 2016
Our legal status

The Office of the Clerk operates under the Clerk of the House of Representatives Act 1988. It is a non-public service department and is separate from other agencies in the parliamentary complex including the Parliamentary Service.

21 January 2016
The broader context

The Office of the Clerk’s role within the broader context of New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements.

21 January 2016
Planning and accountability

The Office of the Clerk operates under a dedicated Act of Parliament (Clerk of the House of Representatives Act 1988) and is part of the legislative rather than the executive branch of government. It is subject to public finance legislation and to the financial oversight of the Treasury and of the Auditor-General. It is required to consult the State Services Commissioner in a number of personnel areas.

21 January 2016
Role of the Clerk

The Clerk of the House of Representatives is the principal permanent officer of the House. The Clerk is the main contact for the Speaker and other members when they need procedural or legal advice about important or sensitive issues. The Clerk also leads policy initiatives when the Office contributes to parliamentary or constitutional matters.

19 February 2016
Role of the Office of the Clerk

The Office of the Clerk exists to achieve the following: ‘The outcome of the Office of the Clerk is a functioning legislature in which members of Parliament are able to discharge their constitutional duties in respect of the consideration of legislation and other parliamentary business.’

23 February 2016
Deputy Clerk

The Deputy Clerk is the House’s second principal permanent officer and deputy chief executive, and in this role scrutinises questions for oral answer.

21 January 2016
House Services group

The House Services group provides support for sittings of the House and committees of the whole House.

21 January 2016
Select Committees and Parliamentary Engagement group

The SCaPE group is responsible for select committees, public engagement, education, and inter-parliamentary relations.

15 June 2016
Organisational Performance group

Find out what the Organisational Performance team does.

21 January 2016
22 June 2016