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10 topics Youth MPs considered in 2016

The 2016 Youth Parliament members grappled with 10 real issues affecting young New Zealanders, in much the same way as Parliament’s own select committees.  

Once the Youth MPs  considered the issue, their committee presented a report to the Youth Parliament with their findings and recommendations. 

Real topics provide real experience

Please note that these realistic topics were discussed by the Youth Parliament members only.  They are not related to bills, petitions, or inquires currently before a parliamentary select committee.

Learn more about what the Youth MPs talked about

You can use the links in the table to find out more about was discussed.  All links will take you to the related briefing paper on the Ministry of Youth Development website.



Education and Science


Should schools be required to be more accessible to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex (LGBTI) community (for example, in terms of school culture and facilities?) (PDF 277KB)


How could New Zealand’s information technology infrastructure be developed to support the wider “Digital Economy”? (PDF 568KB)

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade


Where should New Zealand’s international obligations lie – the Pacific or wider afield? (PDF 365KB)



How can we better deal with mental health issues and suicide prevention in schools? (PDF 434KB)

Justice and Electoral


Should we decriminalise recreational drugs? (PDF 329KB)

Local Government and Environment


How much is our retail industry doing to improve New Zealand’s impact on the environment – is regulation on the cost and usage of plastic bags required? (PDF 349KB)

Māori Affairs


Should Te Reo Māori be compulsory in primary and secondary schools? (PDF 391KB)

Primary Production


What must primary industries do to capitalise further on our reputation as a producer of high-quality, safe and trusted foodstuffs to the world? (PDF 318KB)


Social Services

What can be done to ensure that children of teen parents have good outcomes? (PDF 413KB)

Transport and Industrial Relations


What are the barriers to young people entering employment across New Zealand workplaces and how can these be addressed? (PDF 348KB)