New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa

Questions for Oral Answer - Youth Parliament 2016

Published date: 18 Jul 2016

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

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Source: Ministry of Youth Development

Questions to Ministers


  1. CHAELI MANUEL to the Minister of Education: What is her vision for the future of Māori boarding schools?


  1. DANI CLEMENTS-LEVI to the Minister of Education: Given the decrease in voting percentages amongst young people, why is a form of Political Studies not included in the education system from an early age? 


  1. JENNY WU to the Minister of Education: What is being done to ensure appropriate and quality education in public schools, and that every parent is aware and committed to the education of his/her children?


  1. CREEDENCE CABLE to the Minister for Social Development: What measures are being taken to ensure that New Zealanders understand how many children are living in poverty?


  1. AMY PALMER to the Minister for Social Development: Does she believe that the measures put in place for the care and protection of vulnerable children by Child, Youth and Family are properly adhering to the needs of these children, and is the foster system as good as it could be?


  1. HOPE SEXTON to the Minister for Social Development: Does she stand by her statement that the Youth Service has been very successful with 86.5 percent of clients engaged in education, training or work; if so where does this figure come from given the rate of unengaged youth has climbed above pre-2008 levels for eight years and is now over 12.4 percent, the highest level it has been for more than three years?


  1. KIRI CROSSLAND to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: How will the average New Zealander be able to help our country in reaching the environmental goals created at the Paris Climate Summit?


  1. CHARLOTTE CUMMING to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: Why have climate damaging greenhouse emissions only increased under this Government and what measures, if any, does the Government have in place to combat these emissions by 2030?


  1. NGAHUIA MURU to the Minister of Health: What is the Government doing in order to help young people maintain healthy eating habits and exercise given the growing rate of obesity in New Zealand, and what, if any, success have actions already put in place had? 


  1. HUIA JACKSON to the Minister of Health: Does he believe that the Government has offered sufficient mental health funding and facilities to the people of Christchurch following the earthquakes; if so, why?


  1. BEN HENDERSON to the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment: What is he doing to ensure rural young people have all of the tools necessary to access employment opportunities and subsequently gain a position in the workforce?


  1. BIANCA BAILEY to the Minister of Immigration: Why will the Government not increase New Zealand’s refugee quota in the time of the biggest humanitarian crisis in decades?


  1. KATRINA SNEATH to the Minister for the Environment: What steps are currently being taken to ensure plastic bags don't create a problem in our environment?


  1. CHRISTOPHER OLEVA-TANUVASA to the Minister for Building and Housing: What, if any, incentives does the Government have in place to assure that young people are able to live in affordable and quality homes in Auckland?


  1. BETH CLEARWATER to the Minister of Corrections: Does she believe that private prisons still have a place in New Zealand after the events of Mount Eden prison with Serco?


  1. JULIA WEINER to the Minister of Justice: What is her view on the case for specifying strangulation as a distinct offence in New Zealand's criminal law, given arguments that existing legislation criminalising 'male assaults female' and 'assault' provide adequate protection for victims of domestic abuse?


  1. CONNOR McCORMICK to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: What steps has New Zealand taken in order to re-establish the security and safety of Syria and its people?


  1. STACEY ROSE to the Minister of Transport: What is the plan to improve the open roads for cyclists to be able to safely cycle to and from cities and towns (such as from Palmerston North to Levin)?