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Youth Parliament Order Paper - 20 July

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Source: Ministry of Youth Development

                                     Order Paper                                          Final
                           Wednesday, 20 July 2016                                 No.2

                                                          Sitting Hours 10.45am to 4.45pm

                                          ORDER OF BUSINESS





                                   BUSINESS BEFORE THE HOUSE


1. Accessible Web Pages and Apps Bill                                                               YP-1 30 x 3m speeches 
                                                     Third reading                                        

  1. Tebarae Amuera: I move, That this House thank Mr Speaker, the presiding Officers of Parliament, all Members of Parliament for Youth Parliament 2016. 

  1. Cheyenne Te-Haara Barr: I move, That after youth parliament, we, as Youth Parliamentarians 2016, strive to continue to be a voice for our communities

  1. James Busch: I move, That this House congratulate Robert Martin for being elected on to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. He is the first person with a learning disability to stand for and be elected to a UN committee.

  1. Kate Chew-Lit: I move, That the House take action to ensure all secondary schools provide mandatory sex education that is applicable and accepting to both heterosexuals and the LGBTQIA youth.

  1. Aimee-Chantelle Gough: I move, that the focus of suicide prevention for young people move away from the medical model of trying to fix it with medicine and to focus more on living for a purpose. Working collaboratively with young people who are struggling with suicide and mental health, to make a plan to get their emotions out without hurting themselves.  Giving them reasons and opportunities to give their life more purpose rather than offering a quick fix of pills.

  1. Alofa So’olefai: I move, That the House look into adding a subject into high school that teaches young people skills on how to ‘survive in real life’. By way of example these would include topics like how to budget, what are taxes and how much you will be taxed, what are loans, the importance of saving etc.

  1. Kiri Crossland: I move, That young people’s rights be given increased recognition and importance within the House.  For example, the review on issues such as: rights of children and teens in care, the ‘starting-out wage’, eligibility for beneficiary aid from the age group 16-19, and increase youth-friendly accessible services.

  1. Kelvyn Henare: I move, That the eighth New Zealand Youth Parliament congratulate the Minister for Youth and the Multi-Party Parliamentary Steering Committee on a successful 2016 New Zealand Youth Parliament.

  1. Te Paki McKenzie: I move, That as young leaders of Aotearoa New Zealand, the 2016 Youth Parliament wish the 2016 New Zealand Olympic team athletes, all 198 of them,  every success in their competitions. I’m sure that every New Zealander will join with this House in wishing them all the best in their final preparations over the next 16 days until the Olympics start on 5 August 2016.

  1. Nisha Novell: I move, That this House thank the people who have worked to make Youth Parliament 2016 a success, including staff from the Office of the Speaker, the Office of the Clerk, the Parliamentary Service, and the Ministry of Youth Development.