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Check out Parliament’s new education resources

Published date: 15 May 2020

The Education Team at Parliament has been busy creating new educational offerings, as well as exploring different ways to connect with the education sector.

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The Education Team's webinars cover a variety of topics around parliamentary process.

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Ranging from a popular webinar series to online resources and a teacher’s reference group, read on to find out how you can stay up to date with Parliament’s educational resources.

Online learning


Parliament’s webinar series started in March this year with a session on how select committees work. Since then, there have been many others on topics including how laws are made, petitions, and the Budget process. 

The webinars are designed for all types of learners interested in the ins and out of parliamentary processes. These are run by the Parliamentary Engagement team, with expert guests who answer questions live.

Each webinar is recorded and can be viewed on Parliament’s website, along with the PowerPoint used during the presentation, useful links that were shared throughout, and a transcript of the webinar.

Resource projects

Social actions for NZQA Level 3 achievement standard

The team recently released a resource designed for senior Social Science students, focussing on social actions at Parliament. Parliamentary processes, such as presenting a petition, making a submission to a select committee, or contacting a member of Parliament to seek a policy change, can all be linked to a Level 3 NZQA achievement standard.

This resource seeks to support students who wish to link Parliament to their chosen social actions in the assessment for this standard.

Learn more about the social actions resource.


A new workbook for ESOL students is almost ready for release. This was developed as many ESOL students will have existing knowledge of their own political systems, but do not understand how New Zealand’s Parliament works. The concepts and vocabulary are often difficult to understand, but are necessary to engage in the parliamentary process.

This new resource aims to demystify processes through reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities.

Parliament XR add-on

Designed to accompany the Parliament XR app, this new resource connects the virtual tour, which can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or VR headset, to a series of classroom activities. 

These activities include a scavenger hunt, values activities, and short research tasks. This resource links to Level 4 and 5 of Social Sciences learning in the NZ Curriculum.

Learn more about the Parliament XR add-on resource.

Connecting with teachers

Teacher’s reference group

The team has established a teacher’s reference group with experts from the Wellington region. The group has already had its first hui, and will continue to be a valuable reference point for the team. In particular, it will enable the team to explore exactly what teachers are looking for in education material, and the best avenues through which to promote it to teachers.

A national group that could meet virtually, and provide further valuable feedback, is also being considered.


The Education Team has also reached out to the education sector with its first newsletter, ‘Ayes on Education’.

Read the newsletter here.

We hope to see you back at Parliament soon!

The Education Team is looking forward to returning to its tours of Parliament. Connecting with people face-to-face about what Parliament is, what underpins its work, and how this connects to everyday lives is key to what we share on a tour. 

We hope to see people back on the precinct as soon as it is safe for both those who work at and visit Parliament.

For more information on any of the above resources, get in touch with us at