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Parliamentary Business page explained

Published date: 15 Apr 2016

The Parliamentary Business webpage has two parts: the business diary, and easy ways to get to official information and content about the work of Parliament.

Parliamentary Business diary

The Parliamentary Business diary provides a quick overview of the activities of the House and committee, the House agenda (Order Paper) and related information such as the progress achieved on the previous day.

‘Recently’ tab function

The ‘Recently’ tab provides links to information on each of the last three sitting days when Parliament met.  Each previous day's links are relevant to that date so you’ll see the Hansard or on-demand video (and more) for that sitting day.

'Today’ tab function

The ‘Today’ tab is displayed on a day where Parliament is meeting.  This tab provides links to the present day's House and committee meetings, the list of Oral Questions, the relevant Order Paper (House agenda), Hansard reports for that day (as available) and other related information.

'Coming up’ tab function

The ‘Coming up’ tab provides links for when Parliament will next meet. It displays the next House and committee meetings with links to the Order Paper (when available) and other information describing the intended (subject to change) work for the upcoming sitting.


Official records of the work of Parliament and supporting content

The Parliamentary Business webpage provides you with easy access to official information about Parliament's work.  The main areas are:

  • Bills - current and past bills, proposed members' bills
  • Select committees - submissions, advice, reports
  • Hansard reports - transcripts of MPs' debates
  • Order Paper – Parliament’s / House agenda,
  • Oral and Written Questions - asking Ministers or occasionally MPs about an issue
  • Daily Progress/Journals - a record of what happened for each meeting of Parliament
  • Petitions and papers presented to Parliament
  • Parliament's rules, guidelines and protocols/

 Other supporting content includes:

  • Parliament TV and Radio where you can watch or listen to MPs debating live or on-demand
  • Parliamentary Relations which describes how Parliament supports overseas parliamentary and democratic development
  • Research papers on a variety of subjects requested by MPs and made available to everyone.


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