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Published date: 10 May 2020

Parliament has different ways for you to watch and listen to what’s happening in the House of Representatives.

The following overview gives you a better idea of how to find and access our content. There are also a few trouble-shooting tips for you to try if you have any issues.



Watching at home on a TV

You can watch Parliament TV at home on these digital television channels:

  • Freeview 31
  • Sky 86
  • Vodafone 86

Watching the webcast

Parliament TV can be streamed to computers, tablets or smart phones. Visit Parliament on Demand and select play to watch Parliament TV.

Watching on the Virtual House App

You can watch the broadcast of Parliament TV on the Virtual House app


Parliament TV guide - broadcast times

Parliament TV broadcasts live during meetings of Parliament (also described as when the House sits).   The House follows an agreed programme of sitting days when MPs all meet in Parliament’s Debating Chamber.

The Parliament Calendar provides details of dates and times for House sittings. 



Question time is replayed on Parliament TV each sitting day at 6pm and 10pm.


Between House sitting broadcasts

When Parliament TV is not broadcasting live content, it shows information from select committees about submissions on bills, petitions and inquiries - including closing dates.


Watching Parliament TV on demand

Through the Parliament website you have access to over 30,000 individual videos of Parliament TV content.


Simultaneous interpretation from Māori into English

 On Parliament TV

When Māori is spoken on Parliament TV, English speaking viewers can hear an interpretation by selecting the language option available on their television.

Both audio channels are available via your decoder’s remote control. If you want to access the audio channel containing the interpretation, you will need to select the alternative language channel. It might be labelled ‘English Alt’. You will need to explore the language options because decoders behave differently depending on the model and your service provider. Try buttons such as ‘audio’, ‘+’, ‘menu’, ‘setup’ or ‘options’.

On web stream

Both audio channels are also available for the live streaming over the internet of the House’s proceedings. The image below shows you where the simultaneous interpretation option is located:

Parliament tv on web Enlarge image

Source: Parliament TV

On radio

Radio New Zealand’s AM Network only broadcasts the un-translated audio.


New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreters

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is available during oral questions from 2pm to about 3pm each sitting day.

NZSL interpretation is also provided on Budget Day for the Budget Statement presented by the Minister of Finance and speeches from party leaders.

It is also available for some other significant events at Parliament, such as the Opening of Parliament every three years.



Captioning of live content

Captioning of Parliament TV (PTV) content is available on: 

Captioning of delayed content

Captions are also available on replays of Parliament TV at 6pm and 10pm on sitting days.

Captioning for question time is available through the on demand service.

You can select the ‘CC’ option in the YouTube video player to see captioned content.

Please note that not all on demand content has been captioned yet. Parliament is still looking at options to provide captioning for all on-demand videos.


Using Parliament TV content

If you or your organisation would like to reuse content from Parliament TV, please read our terms and conditions of use.


Report a fault

Like any technology, there is the occasional problem. Our technicians try to fix any broadcast problem as quickly as possible.  To help us determine the appropriate fix for any reception problem and before contacting us, please try these tips to identify and resolve the issue.


  • Is just Parliament TV affected or is it all channels? If all channels, check your reception.
  • Check your remote control– is it working as it should? Maybe the batteries are flat?


  • Are you in a ‘blind spot’ or an area that could be obstructing the transmission signal?
  • Check the batteries or power supply.

 Web streaming

  • Refresh your web browser or restart your device.

Email us your Parliament TV issues:

Give us your feedback

Please email any feedback you have about Parliament TV to

If you feel there has been a breach of broadcasting standards, please lodge a formal complaint to:

Parliament TV

Parliament House

Wellington 6160

For more information on broadcasting standards please call BSA Infoline on 0800 366 996 or visit the website: