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The Bills pages explained

Published date: 15 Apr 2016


List of all bills page
Individual bill pages


Bills (proposed laws) - list of all bills 

The Bills section contains a snapshot of the status on the proposals for new laws that are being considered by Parliament. It is easy to see the current stage of a bill.  The listing of all bills is divided across three tabs:

  • current bills which are bills being considered by this Parliament
  • previous bills which includes passed, failed or withdrawn bills, and
  • all bills which is a consolidated list of current and previous bills.
Bills listing filter Enlarge image

Bills listing filter

Searching for a particular bill?

You can use the filters located on the left hand side of the page to narrow your search for a particular bill.  Please note that the keyword filter searches on bill title.  In some cases bills may be better known by an alternative name used by the public and may not appear in your search results.

For example:  Actual name - Taxation (Residential Land Withholding Tax, GST on Online Services, and Student Loans) Bill.
Also known as the Netflix tax.



Bill details webpage

Each bill has a webpage with more detailed information about its progress and links to supporting content.  Use the tabs on the bill’s page to link to related content including:

  • the full content (text) of the bill, which is located on the New Zealand Legislation website
  • select committee documents such as submissions and advice and the committee’s report once it is presented to the House of Representatives
  • Hansard reports (transcripts) of what MPs said in the debates for each stage of the bill and
  • On-demand video of MPs debating the bill  (which is a new feature).

New features for bill information

A new feature is the progress indicator which shows the main steps in the process for a bill to become law.  It indicates the current stage of the bill.  The bill progress indicator is a simple display: for a comprehensive account of the progress of a bill, refer to the History tab on the bill's webpage.

Submissions and advice on a bill are listed together.  Use the filters to search for a particular type of evidence or advice.

If the bill is open for submissions, a "Make a submission" link will be displayed and will take you to the online submission form for that bill.  


Need help?

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