New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa

Social media moderation policy for NZ Parliament

Published date: 29 Jun 2017

We regularly post to our twitter, YouTube and Facebook channels to let you know what’s going on at Parliament and to invite you to engage with us. Democracy works best when you’re involved and social media can help with that. By connecting with Parliament online, you can keep you up to date with the work being done here and have a say in the process.

What to expect from us

Parliament’s social media accounts are moderated by the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives. We are an independent, politically neutral organisation. We do not post on behalf of the government or any political party. Neither do we promote any organisation or individual for their particular gain. This is not a space for campaigning, so we won’t publish posts or comments – or accept them from others – that benefit anyone other than ‘the general public’.

Our posts will cover everything from the business of the House when Parliament is sitting, to guidance on how to start petitions or make submissions to select committees. We’ll also let you know about our exhibitions and tips on visiting one of our tours.

What we expect from you

We want discussion to be as free and open as possible, but please be aware that we have the right to decide if we think our independent values are being breached. To protect our online community we require everyone to maintain the same standard of friendly discussion. This means your comments will either be pre-moderated or post- moderated, depending on the channel, using the following discussion rules:

  • Keep your comments relevant to the discussion topic.
  • Do not submit defamatory comments (comments that are untrue and capable of damaging the reputation of a person or organisation).
  • Do not condone illegal activity or incite people to commit any crime.
  • Do not submit comments that could prejudice on-going or forthcoming court proceedings (contempt of court) or break a court injunction.
  • Do not submit comments containing someone else’s copyright material.
  • Do not swear or use language that could offend other forum participants.
  • Do not otherwise submit comments that are unlawful, harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually orientated or racially offensive. This includes comments that are offensive to others with regards to religion, gender, nationality or other personal characteristic.
  • Do not impersonate other forum members or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation.
  • Do not submit comments or choose user names that contain personal information that would identify yourself or others. For example last names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or other online contact details either relating to yourself or other individuals.
  • Do not advertise or promote products or services.
  • Do not spam or flood the forum. Only submit a comment once. Do not resubmit the same, or similar, comments. Keep the number of comments you submit on a topic at a reasonable level. Multiple comments from the same individual, or a small number of individuals, may discourage others from contributing.

To learn about Facebook’s general policy about what type of expression or conduct is acceptable between users of the site, and what type of content may be reported and removed, see: