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Find out what’s happening in the House

A lot goes on during a sitting week at Parliament.

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Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

Source: Office of the Clerk.

This website helps you keep track of what’s happening in the House and quickly find the information you need. Here’s your guide to following the happenings at Parliament.

Click on the headings below to reveal the different areas on the website that help you follow what's happening.

Parliament by the week

This Week in Parliament

This Week in Parliament is an overview of what to expect in the House and Select Committees each sitting week. It is published on the Monday of every sitting week.

Select Committee meeting schedule

This schedule lists all committee business being conducted for the week.

Business Statement

This statement outlines the business the Government intends to place before the House in the following week. It is usually delivered by the Leader of the House every sitting Thursday.

Business Committee Determinations

The Business Committee makes decisions about many proceedings of the House and committees. These include, for example, extended sitting hours and the time to be spent on a particular item of business in the House.

Parliament by the day

Today in the House (video)

Tune in around midday each sitting day to hear the Speaker run through what’s expected in the House.

Order Paper

The Order Paper lists all House business for each sitting day – think of it as Parliament’s daily agenda. See the related links below for a guide on how to read the Order Paper.

Oral Questions

Read the oral questions that will be asked during Question Time. These are published each sitting day before the House meets.

Hansard reports

Read what’s been said in the House.

  • Oral questions and answers are published within two hours of the end of the question.
  • The first draft transcript of a speech in a debate is generally published within two to three hours of being delivered in the House.

Parliament as it happens

Watch and listen to Parliament

Your one-stop hub for all the ways you can follow live proceedings of Parliament.

Daily progress in the House

This daily report is updated throughout each sitting day, giving you a live update of what the House is currently discussing.