Select Committees and Parliamentary Engagement group

Select committees and staff

Select committees carry out the most intensive work of the House, whether it is of a legislative, financial, scrutiny, or investigatory nature. Whereas debate in the House is confined to members of Parliament, select committees directly involve the public in their work. This interchange between parliamentarians and the public, particularly as part of the legislative process, is a distinctive feature of New Zealand’s parliamentary system.

A number of committees dedicated to specific subject areas are serviced by the Select Committee Office. Other permanent select committees and ad hoc committees are serviced as required. The Select Committee Services group provides a clerk for each select committee. The clerk of a committee represents the Clerk of the House and is responsible, under the direction of the committee, for the management of the committee’s workload. A select committee’s most visible work is its reports to the House; report writers are provided to carry out this work under the direction of the clerk of the committee. The clerk also makes arrangements for the presentation of committee reports to the House.

The Select Committee Services group provides procedural, report-writing, and administrative support to each select committee. Staff prepare meeting papers, record proceedings, research and analyse information, and prepare committee reports. Staff also provide advice to committee chairpersons and other committee members on the rules, conventions, and practices of parliamentary procedure.

Staff also provide advice on select committee procedures to witnesses and advisers appearing before select committees, and to members of the public making submissions. Occasionally committees require the assistance of a specialist adviser, and this is arranged by engaging an adviser under contract to the Office of the Clerk.

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Parliamentary Relations

This team coordinates Parliament’s official participation as a member of inter-parliamentary organisations and the contacts between the New Zealand Parliament and parliaments overseas. The Inter-parliamentary Relations (IPR) Secretariat provides advice on inter-parliamentary relations and develops the annual inter-parliamentary travel programme. When the programme is approved, the IPR Secretariat prepares and services individual visit programmes. It also provides secretariat services to the New Zealand Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) branch and Inter-parliamentary Union group and the Regional Secretary for the CPA Pacific region. Where the New Zealand Parliament hosts an inter-parliamentary conference the IPR Secretariat undertakes the planning and management.

Education and Public Engagement

This team is responsible for the Office of the Clerk's internal and external communications and social media profiles, and the ParliamentNZ website. They are also the team who arrange parliamentary education programmes for members of Parliament, the public and overseas visitors.