Directions & determinations

Directions and determinations set out instructions about the services and support funding to be provided to members of Parliament and parliamentary parties.  The Speaker's Directions cover the services and support funding provided to MPs and parliamentary parties.  The Speaker’s Determinations describe travel and accommodation services for the official inter-parliamentary relations programme.  The Remuneration Authority determinations establish the parliamentary salaries, superannuation and accommodation and travel services available to MPs, former Prime Ministers and MPs' families. 

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MPs’ salary and allowances

Members of Parliament are paid according to their position in Parliament as recognised by the Remuneration Authority determination.

11 Hakihea 2015
MPs’ entitlements: members of the Executive

Members of Parliament who are also members of the Executive have access to other non-cash entitlements as determined by the Minister responsible for Ministerial Services.

16 Poutū-te-rangi 2015
Parliamentary publicity

Publicity carried out by members of Parliament and parliamentary political parties during the normal course of their business can be funded from Vote: Parliamentary Service. The publicity must meet the funding rules set out in the ‘Speaker’s Directions’.

26 Whiringa-ā-rangi 2015
01 Whiringa-ā-nuku 2015
Travel and Accommodation Services Determination

The Travel and Accommodation Services Determination is a legal document, providing guidelines and entitlements for MPs travel, accommodation, and related expenses, when participating in the official inter-parliamentary relations programme.

26 Mahuru 2014
29 Here-turi-kōkā 2014
12 Poutū-te-rangi 2014
06 Hōngongoi 2012
14 Pipiri 2011
23 Hakihea 2010
23 Hakihea 2010
30 Hōngongoi 2010
30 Hōngongoi 2010
06 Haratua 2010
06 Haratua 2010
22 Whiringa-ā-nuku 2009
22 Whiringa-ā-nuku 2009
01 Haratua 2009
Directions and Specifications for Services and Funding Entitlements for the House of Representatives, its Members, Former Members, and Certain Electoral Candidates 2008

This document sets out the details of the travel, accommodation, and communications services that are to be provided for members and certain electoral candidates; the funding entitlements of members, certain electoral candidates, and parties, in respect of which the Parliamentary Service is to administer payments; the directions under which the Parliamentary Service must act when administering payments; the principles to be applied by members, certain electoral candidates, and parties in their use of the publicly funded resources specified in this document.

30 Whiringa-ā-nuku 2008
Parliamentary Travel, Accommodation, Attendance, and Communication Services Determination 2008

This document is the official determination of services available to members issued 1 November 2008. The determination issued on 1 November 2008 replaces the earlier version issued in December 2007.

30 Whiringa-ā-nuku 2008