Parliament House

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The Chamber

The Chamber, where the House of Representatives sits to debate bills and consider parliamentary business, is at the heart of Parliament House. The Chamber has a raised roof above galleries that circle the debating floor below. It is grandly furnished with historically significant artefacts, rimu timbers, thick green carpets and green leather seats, and a series of backlit stained glass panels.

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Māori Affairs Committee Room - Māui Tikitiki-a-Taranga

The Māori Affairs Committee Room, ’Māui Tikitiki-a-Taranga’, dates from 1995. It is the largest select committee room in Parliament House and is decorated in appropriate style to mark its significance within Parliament.

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Matangireia - former Māori Affairs Committee Room

This special room was dedicated to the Māori Affairs Committee when Parliament House was completed in 1922. The opening ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Massey.

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Pacific Room

The Pacific Room in Parliament House was established to recognise the contribution Pacific peoples make to New Zealand society and Parliament. It was officially dedicated by the Speaker, Rt Hon Jonathan Hunt, in February 2002. Tangata Whenua, Pacific community leaders, Pacific leaders, and members of Parliament participated in a special ceremony.

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The Galleria provides an important and attractive thoroughfare through Parliament House. It is four storeys high, 30 metres long, and five metres wide. A similar area on the other side of Parliament House forms a large conservatory that contains a collection of native New Zealand ferns.

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Grand Hall

The 27-metre long Grand Hall on the first floor of Parliament House was carefully restored during the 1992-1995 Parliament House refurbishments. The arched stained glass windows and stained glass ceiling domes are designed so that lighting behind them enhances the decor of the room.

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Legislative Council Chamber

The Legislative Council Chamber is the room where New Zealand's Upper House (called the Legislative Council) met until January 1951 when the Upper House was abolished.

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