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Links to related New Zealand historical websites — plus websites on the history of parliaments worldwide.

New Zealand

History of the vote.

History of Parliament Buildings

History of women and the vote

United Kingdom

Children's guide to Parliament, including its history, with teaching resources.

Information on the House of Commons and a general series on historical topics (under Parliamentary Publications and Archives/House of Commons Factsheets).


History of the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia.

History of the New South Wales State Parliament (under Sesquicentenary 1856–2006 Responsible Government in New South Wales, and under various history entries in the Site Index).

Brief history of the Queensland State Parliament.

History of the Tasmanian State Parliament.

Detailed history of the Victorian State Parliament, including biographies of members of Parliament.

Brief history of Parliament House in Melbourne, Victoria, including a virtual tour.


Links to Discover Your Legislature, which includes panoramas of the British Columbian Parliament and detailed historical information.

Virtual tour of Quebec's National Assembly, including historical descriptions and sound.

Tour of Alberta's Legislature Building, with historical photographs and text.

The ‘rehabilitation’ of Saskatchewan's Legislative Building, with images and historical background.


Links to all national parliaments, including statistics on women in parliaments in the twentieth century ( and

Brief account of Iceland’s historic Althingi assembly from around 1000 A.D.