Ngā kaiārahi ki ngā huarahi Pāremata

This page provides pdf versions of each of the parliamentary procedural guides listed. Hard copies of those prepared for the general public and public servants are available free of charge from the Office of the Clerk.

Title Date
Effective House membership: A guide for Members of Parliament

This guide is intended to assist members of Parliament, particularly those newly elected, in understanding their role as members of the House of Representatives. It includes material relating to legal and ethical obligations and the functions of the House of Representatives.

23 Mahuru 2014
Effective select committee membership: A guide for Members of Parliament

This guidebook gives members of Parliament an introduction to select committees and provides guidance on how to be effective as a select committee member.

18 Mahuru 2014
Petitioning the House of Representatives

This booklet is designed to assist those who are preparing a petition for presentation to the House of Representatives.

26 Mahuru 2014
Making a submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee

These guides are designed to help those writing a submission to a select committee to produce it in a form that is easily read and understood by members of the committee.

21 Kohi-tātea 2016
Natural justice before select committees

The Standing Orders of the House of Representatives (rules for parliamentary procedure) place responsibilities on select committees to observe the principles of natural justice.

18 Haratua 2010
Officials and select committees - guidelines

These guidelines, published by the State Service Commission, provide guidance for public servants about their relationships with select committees. Public servants attending a select committee as a witness or an adviser will find these guidelines helpful.

04 Haratua 2009
Making a complaint to the Regulations Review Committee

This booklet is designed to help those making a complaint to the Regulations Review Committee to prepare it in a form that contains all the necessary information and is easily understood by the members of the committee.

14 Whiringa-ā-rangi 2014
Working with select committees

In producing this guidebook, our aim is to promote effective working relationships among select committee members, committee staff, and public sector officials required to work with select committees.

24 Haratua 2010