Other rules and protocols

There are various other rules determining what goes on in Parliament and the behaviour of those who work within it, such as rules for the media, security, and visitors.

Title Date
Press Gallery rules

The Parliamentary Press Gallery exists to report parliamentary and political news. There are rules covering its membership, parliamentary precinct access and conduct standards.

11 Haratua 2011
Interviewing MPs, filming and taking photos at Parliament

MPs need to be able to go about their work at Parliament without disruption. So, to make things run smoothly the Speaker has rules for people who want to interview members, film, or take photographs in Parliament. Interviewing MPs, filming and taking photos at Parliament.

11 Haratua 2011
30 Haratua 2013
Specification for Travel, Accommodation, and Related Services Available to Members of Parliament Participating in the Official Inter-Parliamentary Travel Programme

This document, which comes into force on 1 July 2007, sets out the travel, accommodation, and related services available to members of Parliament participating in the official inter-parliamentary travel programme.

18 Haratua 2007
Protocol for the release of information from the parliamentary information, communication and security systems

This protocol sets up rules and guidance for dealing with requests for information held by parliamentary agencies.

19 Here-turi-kōkā 2016