Public Gallery

The public galleries of the debating chamber are open to the public at any time when the House is sitting. From the public galleries, you can watch the MPs as they answer questions, debate the issues of the day, and vote on legislation.  The sitting programme lets you know if Parliament is meeting at the time of your visit.

The public galleries are located above and to either side of the floor of the debating chamber. The gallery behind the Speaker is reserved for members of the press. The gallery facing the Speaker is called the Speaker’s gallery, and is reserved for official guests.

How to get to the public galleries

Enter Parliament House through the public entrance located between the Beehive and the steps of Parliament House, facing Molesworth Street. You will need to go through security screening as you enter, then just ask staff for directions to the public galleries.

The public galleries open 15 minutes before each sitting. They are located on the second floor of Parliament House, and lift access is available. You will need to go through a second security check at the entrance to the public galleries.

Dress code

Please dress appropriately for your visit to the public galleries. For example, men should not wear hats, except for religious reasons, and all visitors must wear shoes.